Joining Liberation in Lyon

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 | 9:30 AM

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The French newspaper Liberation was born out of the May 1968 movement for freedom. It’s always been a thought-provoking iconoclastic publication, never afraid to question and challenge assumptions. This tradition is why Google is proud to be partnering with Liberation at its annual Forum being held in Lyon from November 24 through 27.

A Google stand will be erected inside the forum’s beautiful, baroque venue, the Lyon Town Hall. Spectators will be welcome to post graffiti on icons of freedom. They will be able to explore our Transparency Tool, enjoy our Google Art Project, delve into the evidence about the Internet’s role as a driver of economic growth, or just relax.

Euronews is setting up its studio in our stand, and we expect many of the forum participants to appear and be interviewed.

We’ll also be participating in many of the forum’s exciting debates. This year’s theme of the Forum is “New Borders” and we will be focusing on free expression and the economic and cultural benefits generated by the Internet.

Access to the Forum is free, though reservations are recommended. Come see us in Lyon.